Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Toys for Pinky

I bought some Sylvanian Families furniture for my Pinkys during my Japan trip, thinking it's not available over here. Appearently I'm wrong. The North American "Sylvanian Families" had to change it's name into "Calico Critters" because of liscence conflict. However, I've only seen one store carry the brand. And the selection is small. (I bought a kitchen set, a bathroom set, and a dining table in Japan:)

On the other hand, Playmobil seems to have some pretty good stuff! Although not as cute as the Sylvanian Families, it's got the old fashion stove and water heater, which I'm itching to get. (No, no, bad girl. You've already got the kitchen and the bathroom of Sylvanian Families. Stay away fro m the Playmobil!)
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