Friday, March 02, 2007

Episode 51, end of TV

This day inevitably arrived. Final episode. It's all finished! Next week at 7 PM, there will be something else on YTV. No more FMA. Waaaaaaa!!!!!!

Personally, I hate plot devices like parallel worlds, time travel, and memory lost. I can't say I like how the TV series ended. The gate connecting to an alternate world seems too convenient. Ya know, when it's too sticky to deal with, just toss it into the "other world", right? But nevertheless, the ending was appropriate. Sadly, it paved its way to the movie, as if it was done that way just to have a movie made. Everyone knows movies make way more money than TV.

And then, sex sells.

Sex always sells. That's the golden rule.

That's why I like FMA even more. It doesn't rely on sex. Yet it's not the protected everything-oh-so-pretty world for kids. It deals with religion, race, war, justice, hatred, and realistic issues. What's right? What's wrong? What is fair? Although there's no sex, there's plenty of love in various form. Well, the brothers can easily turn into BL doujin stuff, but that's not my point, though. That, will be another article down the road.

Also, empathy is key. If you can't relay to the character, you won't fall into the series.

Sigh... I doubt if there will be any re-run. So, this is it. Yeah I've seen it all, but re-running keeps the property hot. (^_^) The movie is already out before the TV finished airing, so there's no gap. (And Mr. A, I'm sure you still don't believe I saw 2 copies in Future Shop last December. Sigh...)

Now, all is left is the manga, which is estimated to finish within a year. My heart aches just thinking the word "finish". Sigh...


真朱薫 said...

Oh,did not have you looked at the final episode?
I was surprised at it.
The final episode have many problems.
I cannot understand that it is the best.
And probably, you are more perplexed when you see the movie. It is like me.
But FMA is interesting contents. It is lovable story.

MC said...

I watched the complete TV series (internet fan subs) 2 years ago. But I also tried to support it by watching the local broadcast. Yes, I totally agree that it's an awesome story! There are a few holes, but it's still my favorite seires so far. (^_^)