Saturday, March 03, 2007

First anniversary

One year ago today, FMA started airing on YTV, and that was the day I started this blog. 51 episodes covered exactly one year. (Huh? I thought there are 52 weeks in a year...?) This is the day which I've been dreading since day one, because it means the end of the TV series.

So, here I am, feeling a bit lost.

To compound the blues, a few Japanese FMA fan sites on my bookmark list are closed. One of them was an awesome fan art / Pinky site. The person shut the FMA site down, opened a Fate Stay Night site elsewhere, and asked any visitors to leave him / her alone about the old site.

I don't understand.

I can't understand.

The collection of fan art and custom Pinky were substantial. If someone liked FMA so much, how could he / she trash it so lightly and easily, as if it never existed? And if he / she wants to be left alone, isn't it better not to leave any trail? Even better, just leave the old site as is. Then other fans will be happier.

Sorry, this first anniversary celebration is slight bitter... (-"-;)


真朱薫 said...

Congratulations! First anniversary. I am reading interestingly your blog.
I am looking forward to it from now on.

MC said...

Thanks!! (^_^)