Friday, August 17, 2007

Anime Evolution 2007 (2)

Hmm... overall there is a sharp decrease in the number of FMA cosplayer. Kind of sad. Ed's red coat should be so easy to spot, but couldn't really see any. Maybe 2 for the whole day? (But I was stuck behind a flea market table.) And at the end of the day, I photographed the same person twice. Haha!

Last year Vic Mignogna (Ed's voice actor) was here. That makes all the difference. Oh well.

Submitted almost all the drawing I did in the past 12 months from this blog to the drawing contest. Not really interested in the price. (Last year it was a pair of bear ears.) Oops, sorry I lied. There's a chance to be scouted by a publisher. Nevertheless, my main goal is to increase FMA exposure.
Oh! Ed and Envy spotted on the dance floor! There might be more army people but I was too tired to look. I'm even too tired to cough. Actually, I'm falling asleep as I type this. Better go. Doubt if I can get up early enough tomorrow.

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