Saturday, August 18, 2007

Anime Evolution 2007 (3)

Since I don't have the guts to cosplay, I'd do it with accessories. Today I went to the con with a gift from my Japanese friend. She gave me an official FMA silver necklace during my trip last Christmas. There are plenty of bootlegs out there, but this is the real thing! (Later I found out it's around $150. Oh dear... I feel so guilty...)

Still exhausted from yesterday (plus the cold lingered), I arrived late at 3:30 PM, so missing the first 30 minutes of Shamballa. Seen it with the computer already, but I'd love to see it on a bigger screen. It was only a lecture room, not a real theater. But the sound quality was definitely a lot better than what I have at home.

The room was packed solid with people sitting on the floor on both sides! I managed to stand near the door, which was better, because the air was horrible! Hot and suffocating! If it wasn't for Shamballa I'd have left. There were constant interruptions. Throughout the show, more people were trying to come in, and a few left. There were about 140 seats, plus the extra people, so I'd say a total of approximately 160? They should have used a bigger room. I'm glad it's popular, though.

Then I met up with a friend and went to some panels. I'm so happy to have caught the Izumi cosplayer! That was probably the same Ed with her too. I was unable to take their picture last year. Don't remember seeing Rose, though. There was also a Winry cosplayer that I missed.

There was almost no FMA merchandise at the vendors. Kind of sad. But they might be sold out already. Never know.

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