Sunday, August 19, 2007

Anime Evolution 2007 (4)

This was the last day. Since there weren't enough red-coat Ed around, I decided to wear my red fleece. And might as well a black T-shirt inside. This is the best I can do without a costume. (But even if I do have a costume, I don't have the guts to wear it.)

Missed the Gothic Lolita tea party I wanted to see. It was more like, I was late, but there should still be 15 minutes left. However, it wasn't there. The location was simply empty. Looked but couldn't find it. Oh well, guess it wasn't meant to be.

Ah! Finally caught the Winry cosplayer! Yay~!

The "yaoi" theme seem to be even more popular this year. The number of panels more than doubled from last year.

And then there were the "free yaoi hugs" guys in the cosplay hang out area! That was funny! Hey, if they're yaoi, aren't they only allowed to hug guys?

Some people took transit in their costumes. On the bus I overheard a girl (who dressed kind of like Misa from Death Note) talking to 2 female attendees from out of town. The girl say something like, they were saying, oh my god, our school is taken over by freaky people! The out of town ladies sure didn't seem too happy. And I thought, that girl was freaky herself too! (From the way she dressed, being too eager to talk, and trying so hard to act girly.) Oh well, it's over this year. I'm exhausted and still have a cold. Need lots of rest for sure.


IS said...

かな 笑
ハリポタのバス 笑


IS said...

MCさんへ このバスの絵解りますか??
犬矢射だっけ めぞん一刻の作者は
新潟生まれです 笑

MC said...

Oh! I didn't know that!