Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Moved to Wednesday?

Surprise, surprise! Saw episode 6 on YTV tonight at 8 pm, with Naruto in front and Shadow Raiders after. Yesterday my nieces were over, and they were watching YTV too. I was in my room all night, but caught a shot or 2 of Shadow Raiders. (Haha! Which happened to be shots I worked on!) The strange thing is, tonight's episode was the same as last night's! What's going on? Does this mean Full Metal Alchemist was also on last night? Did YTV run the exact same stuff 2 nights in a roll?

OK, I admit I haven't been watching every week. The last episode I watched recently was 23, on a Friday night. (And it wasn't last Friday.) So how come tonight it went all the way back to 6??? (Geeze... that episode is full of holes!)

But hey, it's refreshing to a 12-year old Ed. So cute. (^_^)

And, chapter 75 is already in. Muahahaha...

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