Friday, October 05, 2007

#23 Pinky parts...

Some possible parts for yesterday's picture. The temptation is big, but I've gotta finish the ones I'm working on first. Besides, I don't have duplicates of 001's legs, and this Chun Li's hair is reserved for Izumi. So, until I successfully learn to make copies, I won't do anything risky. (^_^;)

Face: 012. Anything with slanted eyes is good.
Hair: Chun Li. No other choice, I'm afraid. Pony tail can be from the sitting yukata or from scratch.
Shirt#1: 005 (or 012) + 003 (or 016 or 012) skirt. Short sleeve or no sleeve is good. The part below the belt should be short shirt. Plain ones are best.
Legs#1: Arcueid + 001. Ouch... need to sacrifice both. Take the pants part form 001 and the bare feet from Arcueid. 001's shoes are separate parts, so sculpting bare feet out of them is not feasible.
Shirt#2: 012 (or 006) + 007 skirt. Short sleeve is good. 006's wrist band can be made into a bracelet like the one Hohenheim was wearing when he was older.
Legs#2: Mai (or Arcueid) + 001. Need 001's pants again. The sandals can be added to Arcueid's bare feet, or modified from Mai's. However, Mai's legs are posed too far apart and 007's skirt doesn't fit well.
Homunculus: 005's pompom. Just paint it black and add a teethy smile.

ホムンクルス:005のポンポン。 黒く塗って、歯を描き。

Aaaaaooou I think I'm gonna pass out. The vampire is getting quite bad... (T_T)

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