Thursday, October 04, 2007

Chapter 75 (1)

I think I owe Arakawa an apology. After reading chapter 74, I couldn't help but to anticipate some kind of super evil plan or deal between Hohenheim and the Homunculus. Most likely with the Homunculus being the culprit, tempting or conning Hohenheim into destroying his own country. There were some misleading hints in the dream.
  1. He was a slave.
  2. He had a number instead of a name.
  3. The window has bars that look like a prison.
  4. Plenty of his blood was taken for "experiment".
  5. You can see his ribs and somewhat sunken cheeks.
So, it seemed like he had a tough life, and maybe hatred for the world, which is more than sufficient motive for revenge. Turns out there was no devil at work. He was happy with being an assistant. The Homunclus acted on his own. And he even had emotional attachments towards Hohenheim. He could have easily killed Hohenheim too but he didn't. Or maybe he needed him to stay alive in order to complete the cloning process? Naaah, the data was already in the blood.

Perhaps the motive was simply wishing to get out of the flask. If this is the case, you can't really blame him, can you? This reminds me of Arakawa's earlier theme in "Simple People" (a side story in the booklet of "Book in Figure Red"). "The reason and beginning are always simple." This came out once again in book 15, from Hughes during the Ishbal rebellion. Hohenheim didn't know what was going on either. He just happened to be involved because he was the blood donor.

Arakawa has a very healthy vision in FMA. I'm sorry for distorting it into something twisted. In that world, everyone, everything has a reason, and evil is only relative. No one is born evil.



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