Thursday, November 01, 2007

Chapter 63 (3)

It can be chapter 76, but I guess it's better to file it way back to when Kimblee first did that. (Which was when he got released from jail.)

By the way, real Pez dispensers don't have jointed jaws and can't let the candy come out from the mouth. Instead, it comes out from below the head. (You flip the whole head.)


さや said...

そうかーキンブリーはペッツだったのか…って思わず納得しちゃいそうだったよMCちゃん(笑)! これものすごく楽しいです! もーこの先キンブリーが賢者の石吐くたびに思い出しそう(^_^)

MC said...