Friday, December 21, 2007

Book 18

Got a phone call from the Japanese book store today, saying my book is here. Huh? I've already picked up the magazine, so what could it be? The only other book I ordered is FMA 18 special edition. It comes out on the 22nd, but it usually takes a month to get here by ship. Hold on... I don't remember being asked whether I want air or sea shipment! This means... they probably just wrote down air shipment without my consent! Aaaaaargh!!!!! Guess I'll have to go there to sort things out tomorrow. This is the last weekend before Christmas and malls are hellish places. Would like to avoid them at all cost. (T_T)

What I'm afraid of, is that if this is air, and I switch to sea, they'll probably put that book up for sale and get me another one. Will this be too late? After all, this is a limited special edition. I don't want to repeat the nightmare of book 12. The book store couldn't even get it with a one-week ahead notice. Not to mention book 18 is already out in Japan. (T_T)

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