Thursday, April 09, 2009

Biscuit Uranai

Thanks Chiwasaki for the info again!
Biscuit Horoscope. Cute! But personally, I think if something's supposed to be 3D, they shouldn't be flat like this. Yujin and Re-ment have been doing a lot of Disney theme "cookies" like this. I guess this is easier than making a fully 3D object. Slackers!! However, this is by Megahouse. Judging from my mini-food-theme toys experience, Megahouse has a higher quality standard than Yujin. So this may still be worth buying. Too bad only 3 are in full colour. Hey wait a minute, Mustang beats Winry to the colour ones? (Well... I guess the Yaoi market wins...)

BTW, I think these are cookies, not biscuits. Biscuits are plain. These have decorations and fillings.


Nacchan said...

Hi!*^* I'm an Hagaren addicted as you *^* I see you've FMA pinkies ;_;! I wish I could have them too! Did you buy them? Or did you do them by yourself? I'm really interested ;_;

MC said...

Thanks for your comment Nacchan! Nice to "meet" you! (^_^) Oh I wish I could read your blog.
My FMA Pinkys are modified from store-bought Pinkys. (See here. ) It took me one year to arrive at what I have now. If you don't want to deal with putty you can try repainting alone first.