Saturday, April 11, 2009

Episode 1 (2)

Here goes.
The first shot(s) that really grabbed my attention and bugged me, were the 2 shots that place the character extremely low in the frame. One for Mustang, and one for Isaac. They were done this way for a reason (that I don't know), but the excessive headroom just stand out too much to affect the flow.

Is that the first time Bradley appears? Isn't it a bit too soon? (Well, if the OP doesn't count.) He doesn't appear in the original manga (with an impact) until after Ed defeated 48! Here, there is no impact at all.

Also, didn't expect to see Kimblee this soon. This proves he's quite important in the overall plot. Hmm... he looks more feminine than in the manga.

There are quite a few instances of manga-like expressions, like dialogue bubble and text. Is this a way to give it more of a manga feel? Looks a bit overkill and awkward. Personally, I don't think it's working.
Same for Armstrong's "transformation" sequence. My, my, that makes him so scary! Then, his "weapon" of flying stone heads are even creepier! (T_T)

Hey! Al's pantie design has changed!
So is his armor neck! before there was no hook connecting the pieces. Maybe this is a preparation for disassembling in the north?

Should Ed be mad after Issac busted his past human transmutation? Hey, why is the line on his face thicker? It doesn't go too well with the colour trace on his hair. As many Japanese fans have pointed it out already, Ed shouldn't be saying stuff like you just took one step towards hell.

Cute shots... Is this the first time his funny transmutation self portrait grew hair? That "put on the coat" dance is so adorable! Being grabbed by the neck like a cat by Al is just too cute. Even a freak-out moment is comical.

Mustang has no dignity... Riza's "useless" comment works better in the Scar battle. Not enough impact here. (T_T)

The introduction of Ed's automail arm also has weak impact comparing to the Conero battle. The location here is a back alley vs a hall in the original. Staging, man!
The scene of Isaac vs Bradley is more dramatic and well staged than that. (T_T)
Again, Ed's braid seems to have grown in thickness. It doesn't translate correctly in 3D. (We should see more hair behind and below his ears but we're not.) I'm not done poking yet. More to come.


Inugami said...

do you think that Isaac looks like the alchemist that appears in the intro of COS? My friends think that, and when I saw him the first time I thought it was him...

MC said...

Haha maybe a little.