Sunday, June 13, 2010


A bought the first brotherhood Bluray disk and gave me the freebie post cards. Thanks A!!

(But the back of these "postcards" are printed and don't have space to write anything! Strange...)

And I was looking, looking, looking... at all the printed info. Nope, what I hope to find is not there. Then we put the disks into the player and checked the menu. Nope, not there either. It doesn't exist.

I thought the Japanese version comes with an extra shot animation "The Blind Alchemist". But this one doesn't. I know there's at least one more short of this type that's been released. (Izumi's youth story. I haven't had a chance to search for that yet.) I suspect more of Arakawa's FMA vignette mangas will be made into animated shorts and included in the disks as they are released. In north America's case, are they planing to put together all the extra shots and issue another disk at the end? If so, they're evil!

Hmm... unless... that extra piece of animation is hidden and need a password to unlock or something. But unlikely.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's great having a stuff like this ~ A generous friend on LJ had scanned it recently, so I have a chance to look it closely ^^

About the postcards: Don't be sad, you can write on Ed's face if you want (I know you'll never do such a thing LOL

MC said...

Friends are most awesome! (^_^) Naah, even if those were real postcards, I wouldn't use them anyway.