Thursday, June 17, 2010

Chapter 108 - 01

Gangan magazine July issue sold out in major districts in 3 days, and all gone everywhere in a week! Yikes!!!

I'm really happy that FMA is loved so much. But this also means, opportunists are taking advantage of the situation and sell at jacked-up price. So far the highest is 6 times the original.

On the other hand there are fans in online communities who offer their second handed copies for free. It's super touching to see such noble fans.

Somehow I've been going to Iwase to see if they have it. Doesn't seem to be an airmail one, so the snail mail should arrive in a month. I keep telling myself that I shouldn't buy it even if I see it. It's way too thick and FMA is the only thing I'm interested in. It would be a waste. However, it's like my body doesn't listen and keep going to Iwase. Will I be able to fight off the temptation?


meodien1812 said...

This is a masterpiece. Shame on you, Ling, *now I know your true face* LOL.

Aghhh....It's not a waste if it's something about FMA, we all know it. If you want it so badly like that, just let go and have what you want! Hope you find what you need now ^^

MC said...

Haha thanks! (^_^) Actually I got busy after that and didn't go there often enough. Haven't seen any since then. However, I don't think I should buy it after all. (^_^)