Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chapter 108... (out already?!)


Scans are out already! All 113 pages plus extra! The magazine only came out half a day earlier in Japan! Unbelievable!!! (But I'm not complaining!) Thanks Baidu~!

If the average monthly installment is about 40 pages, this month's worth almost 3 times! Yikes!!! It's super satisfying. Like having a luxurious top class dinner in a 5-star hotel, with the finest companies.

First tears came at page 40. Next one 76. Then 111 and near the end. (Hmm... with I be able to watch the anime with A? I absolute hate crying especially in front of other people.)

Thanks Arakawa! You surpassed my exceptions.

Stupid me, stayed up all night to search for this. Need some time to digest. Will write more later.
(Haha! I knew they were gonna make that chest set!!)

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