Thursday, June 10, 2010

Chapter 108...

Predictions? Wishes? Or both...

So this is it.
Have been restless this whole month. It's been like watching someone with one month left to live. Arakawa should have been on a well deserved vacation for a while, as a few monthly installments would be banked up in advance. I hope she will continue drawing more FMA side stories. There are still so much more to be explored!

Actually, the night I read chapter 107, I had a dream about how it's gonna end. Al is not coming back. (Bad!!!) Thank God it was only a dream.

Thanks Totsu for the loincloth idea! I totally agree! (^_^) IMHO, I think the initial function was to make Al look less like a robot. But this totally works too!

These drawings took 3 days. And I skipped one day of work for them. OTL (Hush hush!) Sorry they still look like carp.

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