Monday, June 21, 2010

Chapter 108 reprint!

OMG!!! Has this happened in the history of manga magazine?

Due to public demand, chapter 108 will be reprinted in the September issue of Gangan magazine!(Which comes out in August.)

Yes, I'm happy for them. Both Square Annex and FMA fans. Square Annex can make more money, and the fans can read chapter 108.

But... my question is... when does the last comic book come out? November??? Will they push it further because of this reprint?


H0shi said...

Reprinting...will this also mean there will be some additional events on the 2nd one??

I already love the ending, hope the 2nd one will not make the story mess up ^^

MC said...

Well, I'm not sure either, but it doesn't look like anything will be changed. Just a straight reprint.

I love the ending too! (^_^)

meodien1812 said...

It's a good news for those who can't have the original chapter 108. But it means you can't have the lovely FMA digital clock ~_~. How bad...

MC said...

Some people didn't like it because no care has been given to other manga's installments. Even if FMA is reprinted, it the only one. (Well, I know, it's special!)