Monday, July 05, 2010


No, I haven't even watched the last 3 episodes. Will probably do so tomorrow when A gets a good fan sub. If not tomorrow, Wednesday. (Aww... it's past midnight... so it's "today" instead of "tomorrow".)

No, I didn't even surf the net for the past 4 days because I've been over at my brother's place, house-sitting while he took his family camping.

No, I couldn't wait when I got home. And what did I find out?

FMA movie!!!

Are you serious? OMG OMG OMG !!!!!!

Apparently, it was announced during episode 64 (the final episode).

What could the story be? Original? Fill-in-the-blanks? Past events? Ed and Al's journey to the east and west? Ed's kids? (Oh, and someone wrote, the continuation of Shambara? Yikes!!)

Can't wait!!!
(Hope they won't screw it up like the new TV series...) (>_<;)


Anonymous said...

You have to watch those 3 episodes as soon as possible, hurry up! XD. Eclipse fansub had release their subs, you can take a look at it on the internet easily ^^
However, I do not like the idea " FMA live-action" very much. I don't like being frustrated. But if they decide to make it, I'll support FMA till the very end. ~You have the same thought, don't you? *smile*

MC said...

Oh yes I watched them soon after posting that. Thanks! I think I'll watch the movie no matter how it's made. (^_^)

Tansyuduri said...

Hello I was wondering if we could be freinds? I'm another fullmetal alchemist freak who dislikes the new anime ^^ (I'm also writing Shamballa's sequel) Heh yeah I'm a writer

Tansyuduri said...

i heard is was gonna be a brotherhood movie