Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Medicom Ed

It's time for a Halloween photo shoot so I took my Medicom Ed out from a storage box. To my horror, the black dye from his clothes has bled onto his body!!!!!! AAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!!!

There was some glue on his underpants from the beginning. Afraid of scratching the paint, I left it alone. And now, guess what? The glue must have reacted with the pant's fabric and became very gooey. Fibers got stuck to it. Of course scraping it off has taken some paint off too. (T_T)

It's mostly the black clothes that left marks because it's on the inside. I'm sure if it was the red coat, the damage would have been disastrous. Right now, and luckily, the only red stain is a small spot on Ed's hand.

Aaaaawwww.... (T_T)

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