Thursday, October 28, 2010

Mini black pompoms

Forgot to take pictures! Most of the vials I bought from boss are crocked. (T_T) And they need serious cleaning. The search for the exact same metal stamping failed. Found some dome-shape bead cap as substitute online. The price was pretty good but shipping took 3 weeks! To preserve the design, they needed to be flattened carefully. Then the cork stoppers needed to be trimmed, and holes need to be drilled. Parallel to the vials, the pompoms got faces glued on and threaded. After the thread was pulled through the cork, the head pin fixed it in place.

Next, apply the flattened bead cap. Top with a daisy spacer, and end the pin with a wire wrap loop. The thread needs a few knots between the daisy and the loop. Last but not least, fasten the red teardrop-shape red bead to the loop. Done! (Well, not yet at this point.)

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