Monday, November 08, 2010

Alphonse Heiderich day

Since I haven't done anything for this site for so long, I feel so guilty, I should draw something... And today is Alphonse Heiderich day.

Awwww can't even remember when I last drew anything. My hands are definitely rusted. Actually I'm in crunch time right now and shouldn't be doing this at all. I'm trying to escape from reality. Awwww.... (T_T)


meodien1812 said...

Wow, it looks really pretty, I like it! *squealing*
Well, 8/11 is HeiEd's day? I didn't know that, seems that we have to set an official HeiEd's day to celebrate >_<

MC said...

November 8th is when he died in the movie apparently.