Sunday, November 14, 2010

Movie 2011 summer

Official site is finally opened, completed with a short trailer too! Well, so short, it's more like a teaser. Movie title is "Sacred Star of Milos"? (Please pardon my haphazard translation.) Comes out summer 2011. Tickets go on sale this month, with goodies! First round is an Ed cell phone strap. No info on what the rest will be except for a total of 3 rounds and their dates.

Character design looks
OK. (Phew...) There's just a little bit of data on staff and cast, but not much else. Not even the story line. It's too early to comment on anything, but I'm glad that it's the "old" Elric brothers! (Ed with all his automail limbs and Al as a suit of amour.) That's their trademark!

What's with showing off Ed's abs? It looks a bit cheesy and contrived. Don't take me wrong, I like it! This kind of "exposure" seems to suit Ed well, hahaha...


Anonymous said...

There's nothing to say about this new FMA movie, but AWESOME! I hope it won't be a sad movie (Like Conqueror of Shamballa, because I don't want to cry like a baby at the end of the movie) ^^ Thank you for this breaking news!

MC said...

I hope they won't screw it up! (^_^;)