Sunday, August 20, 2006

Anime Evolution 2006 day 1

2006 Aug 19. It ran from Saturday to Monday. This entry is passed midnight so it's one day late. (Not to mention... by the time all the photos were ready, the upload is almost a week late!)

I've always wanted to try out SFU's Anime Evolution. This year, finally, I'm unemployed and don't have to sleep-in on the weekend. (However, my days and nights are flipped so it's actually much harder.)

Only got less then 3 hours of sleep. It was tough. And I'm not too familiar with transit either and made some mistakes. Plus, it was PNE's opening day, and maintenance day for the Skytrain. Oh well. Still managed to meet up with my friend at the University station without too much mishaps, and off we went.

The line up for registration was long... wait, that was the pre-registered badge pick-up line! There weren't even 10 people lined up at the door! Hmm... pre-register did save you $10, though. But when it got so crowed, the room started to stink, I'd rather get out of there ASAP. And then they ran out of bags for the freebies. More line up!

When the bags finally arrived, the size was huge! I bet I can get inside! Oh well, it was from a sponsor, so, can't complain. The freebies contains: schedule and brochure for the event, a Godzilla poster, Godzilla sampler CD, manga, postcards, coupons, and flyers. The bag is waaaay too big for them.

The opening ceremony was late so we hunt for food first. Nothing was opened except Mr. Sub and a bubble tea stand. The line up was looong. But in the same area was also the line up for the dealer rooms. That, was 10 times longer!

Thanks to the line-up, we missed 10 minutes of the Taiko drums. The martial art performance was absent because of clashing schedule. The Mayer of Burnaby was supposed to be there, but was he actually? There were supposed to be lion dance too but I didn't see any. Or was it all in the first 10 minutes that we missed???

So we finished our lunch and took some pictures of the cosplayers. There were a few FMA cosplayer and I had been eyeing for the good ones to photograph. There were about 3. Too bad... too bad... I kept waiting and didn't actually take too many photos. And I lost the one I wanted the most: Izumi sensei!

Yay~! A picture with the armour Al! I only saw 2 other Als. One wearing a blue coat and the other one, Shambala Al. (Or did I not recognise the rest???)

Vic Mignogna (Ed's voice actor) was there to sign autograph. I'm not into voice actors but I wanted a picture with him for this blog (hehehehe...) but the line up was way too long. There were plenty of FMA cosplayers gathered at his table, though. (Of course.) Oh well, I'll try again tomorrow.

The AMV Room also has a line up comparable to real movie theatre so it wasn't worth the wait. I'm into Pinky Street, so I attended the "Pinky Street 101" panel. Thanks for coming along, Steven! (I know you aren't into Pinky.)

Next, we went to the "Webcomic Workwhop" panel. Unfortunately I fell asleep. Too much walking around with only 3 hours of sleep had caught up with me.

The last panel of the night, "Yaoi, Zowie! I think They're Gay!". I was shocked at how popular Yaoi is! The lecture room was packed with Yaoi fans (loud ones too!) and they were all very open and excited and enthusiastic. Hmm... I feel so out-dated... Yeah, that's why I attended this one to find out more...

The Creation Station asked for submission for art contest. Any kind of art. Comic (printed or online), illustrations, novel, doesn't matter whether it's original, fan art, old or new. So I decided to enter with 4 pics from this blog. (There's no way I'll have time to draw new ones. And I'd like to boost the FMA content, hehehehe...) Still, some of the pics need to be touched up. Plus I needed to pick out an outfit for tomorrow's wedding banquet dinner of an ex-colleague. A week of trying to buy a new dress had failed. So I ended up going to bed at 5.

The convention continues tomorrow...

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