Monday, August 21, 2006

Anime Evolution 2006 day 2

2006 Aug 20. It's passed midnight again. Managed to sleep for 5 hours. Much better than yesterday, but still no where near enough.

Day 2 started with "the State of Anime in Canada" open discussion panel at noon. I though I was 20 minutes late (thanks to grabbing a sandwich on my way) but there was room schedule conflict, so the panel started half and hour late. It worked out fine in the end. My friend was a bit late too, but he also made it before it started.

They talked about how and why anime isn't getting into Canada faster. It was mainly the "Canadian content" restriction. I didn't know the Mainframe shows like ReBoot was treated as Canadian content slot filler. That's why there're so many re-runs. And, the voice actor for Megabyte died last week. Too bad, he was a great actor. The rest of the session, was more like whining about the networks. (^_^) Free DVDs at the end but I didn't know the answer to most questions...

Until the speaker pointed out, I didn't notice the FMA dub hasn't been mutilated as badly as other anime. It's virtually uncut! (Ooooh but I counted one missing shot so far.) Well... guess I should be more thankful and complain less. (But whatever sucks, sucks!!)

Then, we wandered around the dealer's room. No line up at all today. There was a set of FMA key chains that I was interested in, but at $40 for 6, I have to hold off. And then there were these cute hats with animal ears or angry marks. At $25 each, they're still a bit too expensive. However, I've seen some people wearing an Al hat, which I'll buy for sure if I see one. (Provided that it's still $25.)

After that, we went to the voice actor panel. Vic Mignogna (voice of Ed), Michael Dobson, and Brad Swaile were the speakers. Vic's natural voice IS kinda high and whinny (sigh... that explains). He seems to be a better stage actor then voice actor. There were lots of FMA fans. (Of course.) Aaaargh! Found the same Izumi sensei cosplayer from yesterday!!!! Plus a few Ed cosplayers with automail arm! (Oh! I soooo want to take pictures of them~!) The Greed and Envy pair I missed yesterday happened to sit right behind me! And, there was Gluttony! By a female cosplayer! Oh~! I'd love a picture of her too! Shooting from my seat sure didn't work.

The panel started with a song that Vic did on his own about the FMA brothers. Some fan put together a clip for it using show footage. If you ask me, I don't think voice actors should sing. (Except for, if the character is a singer.) That goes for both Japanese AND English.

Vic was giving out free FMA card game cards. Got one, of course. Who doesn't like freebies. (But honestly, it's kinda useless to me. Oh well, it's a souvenir.)

The fans were crazy. But they were equally entertaining to watch too. A Winry cosplayer asked to kiss Brad Swaile. The audiences went nuts. Vic said he got his butt (both sides) grabbed by a fan before. Crazy...

Since I had to attend a friend's wedding banquet at 6, I needed to leave the room at 4:20, just missing the last 10 minutes. Turn out the bus didn't leave until around 4:35, so I could have stayed till the end. Grrrr... And there was the Ball Jointed Dolls panel that I really wanted to see, but it was at 5 pm... sob sob sob...

There seemed to be a lot fewer cosplayers today. Maybe every body's in the rooms. But I found 2 Nausicaa! That's old school, 1984!!!!! Wouldn't dream of seeing any fans. Nausicaa has been my #1 until FMA.

Hughes! With wings! (But no halo?)

Ed writing the State Alchemist exam... wait, is he cheating?

Tomorrow is the last day. Oh~! I want more photos! This chasing after cosplayers for photos is kinda like chasing after Mickey Mouse in Disneyland, isn't it?

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