Sunday, January 13, 2008

Chapter 79

The torrent was on time. Yay~! Now, some thoughts, AKA spoilers.

OMG! All development is completely unexpected.

I thought the border battle would last much longer, but no, it was already over when the chapter starts. This setup works in a monthly installment situation. But the one-month gap disappears when the chapters are published into a book. I wonder how the perception of time-flow will change.

Well, maybe there is no need to drag on, since the blood-shed is only needed in a small area? But... part of an army is so small comparing to the whole race of Ishbal! The amount of blood is not equal.

And then, the border battle hardly left any impression after I finished reading the chapter. The impact of Envy's demise was so big, I was stunned. It happened way too swift, and too sudden. I thought the "betrayal" of Zanpano was going to lead to many more chapters, but it was resolved right away. Good job on misleading all of us, Arakawa. Please, please, please, don't rush the story! (T_T) It's 32-page this time, way below 40 again.

Dr. Marcoh became the hero in this chapter. His personality got a make-over too! (He needs one on his face, though.) No longer weak and submissive, he bravely fought Envy, and won beautifully. Surely didn't expect him to be the one who defeat Envy. But think about all the times Envy threatened and toyed with him. Then it starts to makes sense. It's an equivalent exchange.

Hey... wait a minute! Does this mean Marcoh can cure Hohenheim? Envy didn't die even after loosing his Philosopher's Stone. So, if the Stone is removed from Hohenheim, he should be able to return to a normal human! Right? It would be even more interesting if Ed learns the trick, and ends up as the one who cure his father!

Well, I can't wait to see what happens to Envy. So far, most "bad guys" who didn't die, end up helping the good guys. Will Envy become the next one?

Let's see... the final battles (in my predictions) are:
  • "The father" vs Hohenheim
  • Greed+Lin vs Ed+Al
  • The fuhrer vs Mustang
  • Gluttony vs Marcoh
  • Pride vs Mei
  • Kimblee vs Scar
There is also a high possibility of all the Homunculi fusing back into "The father".

Ooow my throat starts hurting so I'd better go. Don't want a full-blown cold. (>_<;)

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