Monday, January 07, 2008

Thanks, book 12.

Remember the book 12 incident that left me with 3 copies? I gave the normal version to a friend about 2 months ago. She's about the only person that I know who can read Japanese. (Well, she's Japanese.) We haven't seen each other until today, and she told me she bought a set of FMA manga all the way up to book 15 over Christmas (Japanese version of course). Yaaay~!!! Hehehehehe... Awesome!!!!!! Although she bought used books, it doesn't matter. I'm very, very happy. After all, there is still no FMA fans near by.

Talking about used books... they cost her $3.50 each at K-books downtown, vs $8.20+ new ones at Iwase. There is really no justice. But the English version is even worse at $10. (Was $14 before the U.S. dollar dropped.)

I was looking around for the English version for a friend too. And very glad to see the Canadian price being the same as the U.S. price now. The only problem is, the first 4 books are getting a little hard to find. Is that why they published the "library edition"? (Hey why isn't this on That's such an amazing deal!!!) It's $20 in stores. (T_T) As a hard cover edition, the paper inside isn't as nice as expected. It's light weight and slightly rough. The "hard cover" itself is kind of thin too.

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