Saturday, July 31, 2010

Arakawa cow

Thanks T for the info! (^_^) She went to Wonder Festival on the 26th, and saw this Arakawa self portrait cow garage kit. (Already sold out at that point.) You can see more pictures at her site.

Wow... it's so cool! This figurine is full of love, awesome!! Actually, I've been thinking of making one myself. One that can be put onto Pinky's bodies! I'm still working towards it, slowly, though. One day, maybe I'd be able to show it on this blog.


Anonymous said...

Nah, this figure is way too cute ^^ I think it's easy to make one by color clay. You should try it, it really fun! And son't forget to show your stuff here, 'cause I want to see it too :D

MC said...

I have lots of Sculpey at home too. Totally want to try it. But not for at least another week because of a nasty cut on my index finger. (T_T)